Achieving goals: training the habit

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Life management - Achieve goals

The future you see is the person you will be.

Jim Cathcart

We leave things until later very often. Generally, this “later” does not come too soon, or it doesn’t come at all. This way we lose the best for us, something that everyone of us deserves.

Success loves those who know exactly what they want in this life, and go up the aimed road with determination.

Sussess comes to the one who does not procrastinate but enters upon implementing their plans. Only if you train in yourself such qualities as persistence and determination while working at important things and going till final victory, you will make your dreams come true and your work won’t be at a standstill.In order to achieve high professional level and productivity you need to train the habit of solving the most important tasks from the very morning and not to be distracted by other problems.

There are usually quite a lot of tasks for a person to complete at the same time. But only the ability to grade them right can help you to understand what particular priority you have to take up in the first place. You should start from the most important and difficult one. It’s necessary to learn how to solve such tasks straight away and to be persistent until that task is finished completely. Only after that should you move to solving other tasks. That’s why it is vital to understand what you should do immediately and what you may do later or shouldn’t do at all.

Being afraid of the coming difficulties in solving complicated tasks, we usually put them off, tempting to solve the easier ones. But this is wrong. Business before pleasure — this is the right way. Because while we are afraid of taking up a complicated task, we can’t stop thinking about it, and this load lies heavily on us, keeping us from enjoying our life.

After defining the priority in solving the tasks you’ve got before you, you need to understand that without training the habit nothing will go any further. Set clear aims for yourself: indecision and sluggishness is not your cup of tea. Only determined work at achieving your goals will help you train the necessary abilities and skills (both mental and physical). Will is the mother of skill - yes, yes, just persistence and frequent repetition until the habit will consolidate its grip on subconscious level and become an integral part of your personality and behaviour.

From now on, when you complete a task, you will feel a burst of energy, enthusiasm and rise of self esteem. The more difficult the completed task is, the more satisfaction you will get upon it's completion. Self-reliance achieved will help you to look at the world around you with more optimism, not to be afraid and not to procrastinate.

After completing something desirable or necessary you will feel satisfaction out of what you’ve realized. You’ll feel endorphin rush, which gives a natural feeling of euphoria filling you with pride for your own creativity and giving you even more confidence.

Thus as soon as you train the habit of doing the top priority things right away and carrying them through, as soon as it becomes your “second nature”, it will gradually start directing your actions, and you will find out that completing important tasks is easier than giving them up halfway.

It is necessary to remember those advantages and benefits which you will get after learning to be an active, single-minded person who can quickly achieve their goals.

Thus, with the help of repeated and persistent practice, you will be able to get rid of your inclination for procrastination or “shelving” and gain the habit of completing the aims quickly and qualitatively. As soon as you learn to achieve the goals set you will start the life afresh.

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