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Psychic development

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" The human psyche is a reflection of cosmic creative energy which permeates all creation. We are fields of consciousness, unlimited, transcending time and space. "

Stanislav Grof

Art therapy
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Therapy - Art therapy

Every person can sometimes be in a bad mood, psychologically exhausted, tired or feeling obscure anxiety. You can get rid of all of these feelings yourself and without any help from psychologist. Moreover, it can be a very interesting process and you don’t have to spend too much money and time on this.

Art-therapy is the therapy which uses various forms of artistic expression as a means for self-analysis. The point is that the images of art reflect all kinds of unconscious processes, including fears, inner conflicts and childhood memories, that means that they reflect all those phenomena which shape the person itself and all his/her life experiences. Here are some techniques for unassisted self-work.


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