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Art therapy: creative problem solving

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Therapy - Art therapy

Every person can sometimes be in a bad mood, psychologically exhausted, tired or feeling obscure anxiety. You can get rid of all of these feelings yourself and without any help from psychologist. Moreover, it can be a very interesting process and you don’t have to spend too much money and time on this.

Art-therapy is the therapy which uses various forms of artistic expression as a means for self-analysis. The point is that the images of art reflect all kinds of unconscious processes, including fears, inner conflicts and childhood memories, that means that they reflect all those phenomena which shape the person itself and all his/her life experiences.

Here are some techniques for unassisted art-therapy work.

Draw a spontaneous picture

Sit in a quiet place, turn off your phone, and switch off the light. Put quite a big sheet of paper and a pencil in front of you. Close your eyes, relax and think about how you feel, what worries you, what you were upset about recently. Think about all these things for 5-7 minutes (you can do it even longer if you’d like). Keeping your eyes closed start drawing. Give rein to your hand, let it draw everything what you feel in that very moment. It can be something specific (landscape, mountain or the sun) or something very abstract (circles, spirals, lines). What is important is to listen to your hand. As a result, regardless of your conscious mind, all your pains, worries, fears, joy and hopes will appear on the sheet of paper. You are finished. Take a rest for some time. Slowly switch on the light and look at your picture. Try to analyze it. What does it look like? Remember your emotions when you were drawing. What associations different elements of the picture bring up to you? This technique can help you to open up the things which were concealed, hidden deep in yourself and bring them up to the light of awareness. This knowledge will bring you peace, stemming from understanding of what’s going on and feelings of mastery.

Draw your joy

If you feel depressed and tired recently, if depressive thoughts disturb you, than you need to be refreshed and recreated urgently. Take a lot of colored paints, pencils and pens and draw your joy. It can be a full-fledged painting, a symbolic object, your past experience or an expected pleasant surprise to come. The most important thing is that you feel good and happy in that moment. All your positive potential activates during the drawing. This potential can not only improve your mood but it can also motivate you for some fruitful activity. You can put your picture on a table or fix it to a wall. Looking at this picture you will always think only about good things.

Make your dream come true

You have desires, dreams and career plans but you still can’t make them come true? Now you don’t have time, than you don’t know what to do and external obstacles get on the way all the time. This happens to everyone. Somebody wants to buy a car, somebody plans his/her long-expected holidays and somebody can’t close a great business deal. The bad thing about it is that the more you put off your dream or wish, the bigger will grow your tension about the fact that you can’t make it come true. Do you want to come closer to your wish and get a spur to decisive actions? Create. Draw your wish, sculpture it or make a collage. For example you want to buy a car. Cut out the image of a car from magazine, glue a picture of yourself next to the car. You can add your friends, champagne and food. Put the picture on your bedside table. In a couple of days you will start looking for the ways to make your dream come true. And be sure that this time you will find these ways and you will succeed.

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