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Remember the times when you were a little child, sitting at your mother’s lap or lying in your bed before falling asleep, listening to your mom telling you beautiful fairy tale about wonderful land, where glorious knights and gorgeous princesses lived their exciting adventures, where good always won evil?

Remember the sensations of peace, quietness, serenity, ease and comfort you felt? Softly ticking clock, smell of chimney smoke, warmth of fire, silently falling fluffy snow outside that cosy country house...

No worries, no anxieties, no stress, no hurry, no things to do, no problems to solve, no deadlines, no challenging tasks, no responsibilities, no projects to run, no solution seeking, no things to take care of, no ambitious plans to make and no goals to achieve... just pure love, joy, peace and harmony surrounding you and being inside you...

These long forgotten feelings was exactly what I felt right at the beginning of this meditation. Soft pleasant female voice gently whispering amazingly uplifting and at the same time deeply soothing selection of eternal truths, while calming ambient music infused with binaural frequencies virtually forces me to relax. All mental and physical tensions, fears, anxieties, troubles have no other choice but to vanish into the thin air and disappear without leaving a slightest trace.

With surprising ease I’m diving deeper and deeper. Normally it takes me a lot of time and effort to achieve the state of perfect psycho-physical relaxation, but this meditation CD makes a big difference!

And, oh my goodness - after some time beyond this sense of deep peace and quietness I start to notice luminous awareness, silent witness, pure consciousness permeating all creation, a perfect mirror imperturbably reflecting all that arises. The lofty goal of meditation and innermost dream of all meditators, here as if by magic!

Who is it that observes this? - I ask myself being prompted by mesmerising meditation facilitator’s voice. Timeless, immortal, eternal, almighty, all knowing, all loving being observes this. The realization not so new to me as an intellectual concept suddenly becomes actual reality.

Then, from this point of being the very Force of Creation itself, the trifles like becoming successful, achieving goals and fulfilling dreams aren’t challenging tasks at all, they are mere easy-to-do joyful, playful actions in the perfect Game of Consciousness.

I don’t have to persuade myself in this being true, don’t have to parrot those positive affirmations, I simply know it is so. Right now.

Still being able to feel my physical body and having heightened perception of all psycho-physical processes in it, staying perfectly mindful (at last, halleluiah!) I feel the surge of serotonin and endorphin (these chemicals are produced during meditation, in case you don’t know, and high levels of these are present during mystical experiences, according to the latest findings of neuroscience). So here bliss comes, I start to understand what “ecstasy beyond words” really means, for I understand it on my own experience now.

Remainders of thoughts disappear magically in sync with last audible words in this meditation: “Time and space, shadow and substance, what matter these...? I am God”. Dissolving into nothingness, “I am not body, I am not thought, I am not experience... I simply am”... And it’s such a feeling! I can’t even describe it, for it’s beyond words.

Half an hour of following subliminals keeping me suspended in this rapturous (semi?) Samadhi state. Having returned to human existence (or you began to think I write from Heaven? :) ) I witness with awe and wonder abundant flow of lucky coincidences, auspicious circumstances and opportunities to succeed, have no slightest trouble finding creative solutions and opening new horizons. This happening with grace and ease, with no strain from my side, just exactly as was promised by perfect affirmations in this meditation, which organically combine both lofty ideas and practical life improvement statements. (In fact, I feel as if these affirmations are imprinted in my brain now, having completely substituted all limiting beliefs I had.)

Now, practising this meditation daily, changes for the best happen all the time, inner and outer obstacles dissolve - there is nothing impossible for the true me, Sat Nam, Immortal Self...God!

If only I came across this meditation earlier! So much strain and suffering could be avoided! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find the best meditation practice, trial and error are inevitable companions on the spiritual path....

So if you’d like to improve and ease your meditation practice and see if my best meditation could be also YOUR best meditation, I include this links for your convenience:

Detailed description of this meditation CD and more customers reviews here

Download this meditation as MP3 file here

or buy CD online (if you are in US) from here

all non US locations can buy CD online here

IMPORTANT: listen to this meditation using high quality stereo earphones! (like these, for example). This is crucial for attaining deep meditative state as well as for your mind being effectively reprogrammed for success and happiness!

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