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Fulfilling dreams: 5 barriers on the way

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Life management - Achieve goals

What barriers prevent you from moving towards your dream? Here it is, your dream, cherished and desired, right in front of your eyes, your mind is preoccupied with it, longing and insomnia are not rare guests in your life, but ... you are not able to make the first step towards your dream. Why so? What obstacles are standing on your way, preventing you from moving on?

Barrier 1. The fear of failure

- How is it possible to take any actions? Suppose everything fails! After all, I am not good, knowledgeable and experienced in everything. And what, should I just start doing something?

- Oh, I don’t know. Suppose something will go wrong, what will I do?

- Oh, no! I’d rather do everything as before. Somehow I can manage it. Let it be as it is. Maybe later something somehow will come out.

The best way is to hide in the farthest corner and observe carefully what is going on like a cat under the bad watching grandmother’s clew.

But why, actually, failure frightens you so? Made and an attempt – failed. Nothing unusual. You are learning. Make another one. Then one more. And here you are near your goal, in no time to frighten.

Barrier 2. A jump through the abyss

As soon as you envisioned your dream, you want to achieve it immediately. It would be cool to do everything at once: resign from a job, get divorced, sell a flat and only then, being free from all commitments, it is possible to think of your dream.

Only one thing is not clear, what to live on, and all that? But you want to have everything and at once. Maybe it is worth robbing a bank?

Why do you need these hysterical vain attempts? Go to your dream slowly and confidently with small steps. It is impossible to jump at once on the fifth floor, but it is possible to get there step by step.

Barrier 3. Discussing successes of others

Oh, it is such a serious topic. There are so many rascals going around who do something and achieve something. Certainly one needs to discuss it with loyal and understanding friends and nail them on a shameful pole.

How it is possible to bear when someone goes out on dates, buys different new acquisitions, dresses distastefully and allows oneself to do outrageous tricks. It is quite a compulsory thing to gossip with friends about it:

- How, you haven’t heard that she came today in a terrible green jacket and he said that in the rosy one. Or he said not about her? No, I am confused. Let’s start from the beginning.

And then a clearing up is going on for hours who has said something to someone and what a bastard he is after that. And this is only what concerns close acquaintances. But there is also a life of politicians and film stars, top-models and down-shifters. And how it is possible to forget about the life of the Royal Family? How Prince Charles could act like that?

That’s right, everybody else always does things in the opposite way, not like you. But what does it have to do with your dream?

Barrier 4. I have no time

- Оh, I am so busy now! You can’t imagine.

- And what about your dream?

- It will wait.

The dream, of course, will wait, but think about the following. If now you are not realizing the dream of your own, it means you are realizing the dream of somebody else. Are you sure you want it?

Barrier 5. Not today

You have swept off all barriers and are ready to realize your dream. However, somehow there is no mood and nobody knows what to do later, so why to be in a hurry?

I will start on Monday, on the first day of the next month, from the New Year, new millennium. Well, in general, not today.

And your dream is postponed for an indefinite time.

No, dear dreamers. Everything needs to be done exactly today. Let it be the smallest step. Let it be a note on a paper or a phone call. It absolutely does not matter. What is important is to start get going. Good luck!

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