Happiness: 10 ways to push it far off

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Happiness: 10 ways to push it far off
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If people implemented only a part of advices about “how to become happy” into reality, life would be a wonderful stroll in a summer day. But something prevents us from following these recommendations.


1. Blame the fate in everything.

YOUR LIFE IS NOT GOING ON WELL? You are compelled to do the job you dislike, spend time not as you were dreaming to and live with a person whom you don't truly love? Persuade yourself that not everything depends on you. You have such an unhappy fate. It is useless to undertake anything, you have to surrender and despondently carry the burden of life, forcing yourself to do what you are supposed to.

HOWEVER, ONE CAN DO OTHERWISE. Do the things you enjoy more often. Do you like to lie in a fragrant foamy bath? Having come home, say to your family “I am not back yet” and plunge your body in aromatic water. Your conscience torments you: your children are messing around and husband cannot make himself a cup of tea… Suppress this serpentine voice inside of you. Say to yourself: after 15 minutes rest, with a good mood and being refreshed I will do all necessary things”. Step by step extend the sphere of your favorite things. Eventually it will help you to change your opinion about the fate as “unlucky one”.

2. If trouble came, believe that all your life now is on the road to ruin


Persistently look for the bad things in everything: in the weather, in the haircut, in the view from the window, in people’s faces in the office. If everything is fine with all the above, you have a right just to be in a bad mood without any reason. But if there is some reason, blow it out to the proportion of a greek tragedy.

HOWEVER, ONE CAN DO OTHERWISE: recall the old song — “If your bride leaves you for another, nobody knows who is lucky”. Haven’t you ever experienced such cases: you were refused a position and then in a while invited to another place, which was much better? You have been demoted? Make for yourself “the plan of urgent optimism”: write down everything good you hope to learn this time, what kind of useful experience you are going to have, how it can help you to realize your potential, etc.

3. Life is a serious undertaking, that's why try to avoid funny things, flippant people, entertaining TV programs

KEEP GOOD MANNERS IN MIND: always criticize humorous shows and comedies, each anecdote accept as vulgarity, meet every joke scornfully with a pout. Repeat more often “I don’t understand what is funny here. As for me it is just stupid.”

HOWEVER, ONE CAN DO OTHERWISE: try to find every day a reason for laughter. Read a page of jokes in a newspaper or listen to your favorite funny radio program. Laughter activates the production of “hormones of happiness” and decreases quantity of “hormones of stress”.

4. Avoid new impressions, keep your habitual lifestyle

SPEND YOUR DAYS OFF AT HOME DOING HOUSEWORK AND CURSING TV FOR “THERE IS NOTHING TO WATCH”. Never try anything new. Stay faithful to the principle: never do what you do not know how to do. Suppose something goes wrong, imagine how bad you will feel?

HOWEVER, ONE CAN DO OTHERWISE: allow yourself to make mistakes and do not reproach yourself for this! Take a risk of buying a train ticket to the nearest town you have never been to. Spend a day there and notice how you'll feel afterwards.

5. Do everything the way you are supposed to do

FORGET THE WORD “NO”. Do you know that a lady should be kind, soft and compliant? Sacrifice your interests and always suffer because nobody appreciates it. You will always feel frustrated and used.

HOWEVER, ONE CAN DO OTHERWISE: learn to say “no”. It will increase your self-esteem and make you more satisfied with your life.

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