7 advices of Picasso to make the most of your life

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7 advices of Picasso to make the most of your life
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“There are artists who can turn the sun into a yellow spot. But there are also those who, using their art and mind, can turn the yellow spot into the sun.”


Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor, whose creative talent shines bright in many areas. Perhaps he was the most prominent artist of the twentieth century. He also expressed interesting thoughts about life. Here are 7 of my favorite advices of Picasso.

1. To do something, one needs to believe.

“He can who thinks he can,

And he can’t who thinks he can’t.

This is an inexorable, indisputable law.”

This is a wonderful quotation, since it not just tells us “to believe in ourselves”. It explains why to be really successful in doing something one must believe in oneself as well as in the one’s skills, talents and abilities.

Strange as it may seem, but it is rather difficult to see to what extent your convictions control your actions and that you have got used to look at the world only from one perspective.

When you consider yourself capable of doing something, your perception of it changes. The perception of yourself changes as well. It is difficult to find courage, confidence, spur, enthusiasm and any other necessary qualities in oneself without such change of prospect. There are self-fulfilling prophecies as well. If you think you will fail, there is a great likelihood you will start getting nervous and consequently will make mistakes or will unconsciously sabotaging yourself in some other way. On the other hand, if you consider yourself capable of doing something, your brain will start to look for the decisions and act instead of whimpering. Because of such an incentive the decisions and possibilities will just start popping up as if out of the ground. Without such concentration on the ability to succeed your brain may fail to find required resources and decisions.

2. Go beyond your limits.

«I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Pushing yourself ahead is necessary for personal growth and self-development. And the more you push, the better you develop yourself. However, it can be a little bit scary. The best advice which I can give you about it – stay in the present moment as long as it is possible while doing something what you are not able to do yet. It can seriously reduce feasible negative feelings holding you back. And when there are no such feelings in your mind and body, it becomes easier to focus, to experience positive feelings and, in the long run, to achieve good results and learn what you want to.

3. Do not expect inspiration or the propitious moment.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”.

Inspiration can come by itself, flying in through the door or window. But such approach makes the work non-uniform both in quantity and quality – and you waste a lot of time for expectations.

I think that it is better to follow Pablo’s advice and just start working. At the beginning the work can forge ahead and cause  quite strong aversion. But just a while after that the inspiration catches up with you. The work starts flowing easier and more qualitatively.

If sometimes the inspiration comes upon you, wonderful. Just use it. But do not restrict yourself only to the time when you have the inspiration or the moment which seems to be auspicious. Act instead of waiting.

You can find the inspiration on the way or do necessary things most of your time despite the fact that the moment seems to be not quite auspicious.

4. Take action

“Postpone for tomorrow only what you don't want to complete till your death”

“Action is the only key to success

If you’ve been reading the life improvement rubric for some time, you could notice that this appeal occurs in many articles. The reason is that the action is principal, as Picasso says. Without action any information is useless no matter how important it is. It is also a part of personal development which is often forgotten and ignored. Action frightens. It may seem that it’s very difficult to start acting and it’s out of season. However, developing a habit to do more and more will greatly help you to achieve stunning results.

5. Ask right questions

“Others saw what was and asked why. I saw what could be and asked why not”

It’s easy to ask yourself wrong questions. The answers to these questions just confirm your incompetence, folly and wrongness and that your future is limited. The questions which will ruin you instead of exalting you. Ask yourself positive, constructive questions.

When something seemingly negative happens to you, ask yourself: is there anything good in this situation? Which lesson I can learn from it? There is a positive moment in every problem situation.

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