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Psychic development

Inspirational Quotes

" The human psyche is a reflection of cosmic creative energy which permeates all creation. We are fields of consciousness, unlimited, transcending time and space. "

Stanislav Grof

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Therapy - NLP

Neurolinguistic Programming today is widely used for working with fears, phobias, addictions, psychosomatic diseases, depressions, sexual disorders, inner conflicts, etc. In addition, the NLP techniques are actively used in advertising, business, negotiations, personnel recruitment, development of educational program, they help to establish contacts and understand people better…

Founding fathers

NLP first appeared in the early seventies in a small city of Santa Cruz, California. This scenic town by the Pacific Ocean is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its famous Santa Cruz University. This is the university where one of the founders of NLP - Professor of Linguistics John Grinder was teaching. The other founder of Neurolinguistic Programming, Richard Bandler, was a student of this famous educational institution.


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