NLP: what is it and how it can help you to solve your problems

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NLP: what is it and how it can help you to solve your problems
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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) today is widely used for working with fears, phobias, addictions, psychosomatic diseases, depressions, sexual disorders, inner conflicts, etc. In addition, NLP techniques are actively used in advertising, business, negotiations, personnel recruitment, development of educational programs - they help to establish contacts and understand people better…

Founding fathers of Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP first appeared in the early seventies in a small town of Santa Cruz, California. This scenic town at the Pacific Ocean coast is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its renowned Santa Cruz University.

This is the university where one of the founders of Neurolinguistic Programming - Professor of Linguistics John Grinder was teaching. The other founder of Neurolinguistic Programming, Richard Bandler, was a student of this famous educational institution.

In the past young Professor Grinder was a secret CIA agent, took part in secret operations and knew several foreign languages, among them such exotic ones as Swahili and the language of Samoa Island. No less vivid character was Bandler. He had a hard childhood, was wearing long hair, a goatee and always had a knife with him. His indomitable temper and his motto “If you need – go and get!” made a great impact on the spirit of Neurolinguistic Programming.

Adopting the experience

Having taken great interest in psychotherapy, Grinder and Bandler decided to unify their efforts and to set a goal to unveil the secrets of outstanding psychotherapists of that time: Milton Erickson, Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir and Frederic Perls. To unravel the secrets of these wizards of psychotherapy, future founders of Neurolinguistic Programming thoroughly studied audio- and video-sessions of great masters and carefully examined shorthand records of consultations.

Studying videotapes and following every gesture, every word of one or another therapist, thoroughly investigating the secrets of psychotherapeutic mastery, Grinder and Bandler picked out the most effective methods and techniques, which later were included into NLP arsenal.


Some years were also devoted to studying the behavior of great number of different people: scientists, businessmen and artists who had one thing in common - they all had achieved great success in their professional spheres.

Having meticulously studied how the most successful people thought and acted, Grinder and Bandler worked out step-by-step algorithms allowing any person to become successful and effective.

“If one person achieved success the others can be also taught to!” decided NLP founding fathers and began to act. Positive results came immediately: their clients’ problems were solved at once, phobias and fears disappeared soon. Bandler is said to be complaining once that he couldn’t find a person who would be afraid of lifts for the technique demonstration, because all of them had been already cured.

Why Neurolinguistic Programming?

Once, sitting in a wooden house high in the mountains above Santa Cruz, Grinder and Bandler tried to unify all the investigations and discoveries they had made. After 36 hour-discussion the friends opened a bottle of red Californian wine and asked themselves: “So, how will we call all this?” As a result, a term “Neuro-linguistic Programming” was born. Where “neuro” points at the fact that our behavior is based on neurological processes: on sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. The term “linguistic” points out the importance of the language for the communication and expression of thoughts. And “programming” points at the specific ways we choose for achieving our goals.

Neurolinguistic Programming in psychotherapy

Today the practising NLP specialists are working with such problems as interpersonal difficulties, various fears and phobias, addictions and substance abuse, psychosomatic diseases, depressions, sexual disorders, inner conflicts… And these are only some of the conditions where Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a concept of counseling aimed for concrete and quick results. One of its peculiarities is that in one or another problem situation NLP therapist first suggests to think about the ways of solving the problem and not to think over the question “Who is guilty of what has happened?”

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