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Psychic development

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" The human psyche is a reflection of cosmic creative energy which permeates all creation. We are fields of consciousness, unlimited, transcending time and space. "

Stanislav Grof

Psychic readings
Psychic reading: wise advice or irreparable damage? PDF Print E-mail
Psychic development - Psychic readings

For many people psychic reading is just an innocent entertainment. What bad can be in spreading the cards and reading your future or the future of other people? Distant or near future. It is mostly just a game. But is it that innocent?

 A real psychic (just as a good psychologist) will never tell a client that she has seen something rather bad in his future (pinpricks don’t count). Illness that is not dangerous, money loss, even a big one is not that fatal. But professional psychic will never tell you about the possible global disaster in your life – not at any price.


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