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" The human psyche is a reflection of cosmic creative energy which permeates all creation. We are fields of consciousness, unlimited, transcending time and space. "

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Stress: 6 ways to manage
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Stressful working day comes to the end: hands are little bit shaking, concentration is thin on the ground. You long to flop into a foamy bath or into a bed under a blanket or into a sea by knees. But it will not happen soon and you have to pull yourself together now. Here are some ways which will help you to relieve the tension.

The way No 1: change topic

Try to switch your attention for few minutes on something else, for instance, “make an inventory” of the building where you are in. Carefully observe it and find, without being in a hurry, seven green (red, blue, yellow, light violet) objects. After having counted all of them mentally, from curtains to clips, concentrate on each of them.

Stress is useful sometimes.

Stress is not always detrimental. The short-time one is even required to focus before a significant event whether it is an appearance on a stage or a lecture in front of a big audience. Short-time stress stimulates immunity.

A change of environment in such cases works not less beneficially even if you just go to the next room or a courtyard. A street and everything that you will see in it can be also disposed on colors, from a ficus on a window to a passed car.    

By the way, the lower is the temperature outside, the quicker you will cool down. German scientists have found scientific and very literal substantiation for this common saying. The main thing is that low temperatures facilitate generating of serotonin in a brain and it helps exactly to cool you down. It does not mean that you should put your head into a freezer. It is enough to run out into a street in a T-shirt. Cool weather itself will help you to cool down.     


The way No 2. On your feet

Even a short stroll can be very efficient for recreation of shaken emotional health, since adrenalin thrown in a blood stream during the stress stimulates us to move. The stroll is not obliged to be “beneficial” (in a forest or near architectural beauties), it is pedestrian and nothing more. The tension automatically switches to muscles and the head will clean and clear itself up.   

Even better is to walk slowly. You are going from the job. Everybody is in a hurry towards the blue screen, but you are barely moving– it is an absolute meditative exercise. Do you remember the maxim – “the one who is not in a hurry anywhere is in time everywhere”?


The way No 3: Automatic movement

A very nervous person automatically starts walking back and forth or shaking his leg nervously or beating a tattoo on a table. Rhythmic movements have a certain soothing effect. Even an obtrusive motif can draw forth a calming effect (the repetitive chanting of prayers and mantras is based on this principle).   

By the way, there is a good exercise for fingers, which is called “jnyana mudra”. This gesture in yoga practice carries the symbolism of the connection of that what was disconnected. The fingertip of a forefinger touches the fingertip of a big finger and three other fingers are outstretched. Such position of fingers is believed to relieve feelings of nervousness and emotional stress, activates memory and improves the work of brain. The best way to do mudra is to sit on the floor in a comfortable position and with an outstretched back. Since this is still a meditative gesture, to concentrate on fingertips and get the desirable effect you should not watch TV or talk on the phone at the same time.  At the beginning it is enough to do mudra for 15 minutes 3 times per day. After doing it for a long time, a little sleepiness may come up, that’s why “jnyana mudra” is used as the means against insomnia.


The way No 4: On the fingertips

Do you remember the scene from the movie “Amely” when the main heroine plunges her hand deeply into a sack with kidney beans?  It appeared to be an excellent massage for fingers and palms which helps to relieve stress due to the soft stimulation of hands nerve endings. If you do not have the sack with kidney beans or not grinded rice around, Chinese massage metal balls which jingle pleasantly can substitute them.  At least even the trip to a book store will do. Taking books from shelves, turning and touching pages is the same unobtrusive massage. Cross-stitching, knitting with needles or sculpturing is the same simulation of nerve endings of hands.  

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